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Gemini Security Team was founded in 2019. While the business is based in Pembrokeshire, they provide security solutions across the whole of the UK. These include SIA Security and stewarding for live events, licensed premises, education and NHS campuses, as well as security for any other type of site. 

We were contacted via our website by Richard Golding, the founder & owner of Gemini Security Team. Having started the business fairly recently, he wanted to solidify their web presence by having a website and matching branding for their social media. He also wanted a number of corresponding email accounts for the business. 

This website design case study will detail our process for providing Gemini with a solution to fit their needs, and how we went about it.


This project required a number of solutions, processed in a particular order, to reach the ideal outcome. Upon discussion and a preliminary analysis with Richard, the following requirements were established: 

  • Create a new logo which is representative of the brand
  • Establish other presentation elements such as a colour scheme and font
  • Provide social media images in keeping with the look and feel of the brand
  • Set up email inboxes for the business, with corresponding suffix
  • Design and build the website for the business, in keeping with the agreed brand parameters. 6 pages in total (agreed in consultation)
  • Basic on-page SEO work to help optimise performance
  • Provide hosting for website and mailboxes


We created a branding guide including logo, font pairing and colour palette, and associated graphics for social media. Once this was approved by the business owner, the website was then constructed using the brand guidelines. The email inboxes were also set up during the process, which is outlined in chronological order below.

Preliminary Consultation

Preliminary consultation with Richard at Gemini, to establish the needs of the business, timescales and cost 

Product Preparation

  • Drafts of logo & branding guide created
  • Sent to Gemini for feedback and make alterations
  • Returned to Gemini for sign-off 

Sign-Off Confirmed

Sign-off confirmed and final brand pack sent, ready for use. Brand pack contains PDF brand guide, logo files, social media images, letterhead and business card samples.

Send To Internal Developers

Brand guide forwarded to our internal web developers.

Website Set-Up & Build

Domain name registered on behalf of Gemini. AWS Web Server spinup, for hosting. Password protection set up to preview website in situ. Email addresses set up using AWS WorkMail. Website built and proofread

Feedback & Alterations

Sent to Gemini for feedback. Alterations made.

SEO & Sign-Off

  • Basic, on-page SEO completed
  • Returned to Gemini for sign-off 

Finishing The Project

  • Sign off confirmed 
  • Login details for all accounts forwarded to Richard, and project marked as complete 


www.geminisecurityteam.co.uk was uploaded and is now live.  

A branding guide PDF was sent to Richard, along with a brand pack containing logo graphics and social media banners in PNG, JPG and vector formats. The business also has multiple email addresses which we set up and host on their behalf, all with the suffix @geminisecurityteam.co.uk. 

During our initial consultation, Richard suggested a timescale of 3-6 months. We stated that it was definitely longer than we would expect the project to take, and it was eventually completed within 8 weeks of commencement. 

The outcome has fulfilled every objective which was established at the consultation stage and has gone exactly according to plan. This has made it a great example for us to display in a website design case study. We think the best way to summarise the project is to let Richard sum it up in his own words: 

Illustration: Screenshots of the new Gemini Security Team website

“Kew Consulting have been a pleasure to work with throughout this project. It has been incredibly simple and enjoyable for me. All I had to do was explain my needs and objectives and they took care of the rest. The communication has been efficient and supportive, and they have exactly met the requirements which were set out in the initial brief. Not only that, but they did it all much quicker than I expected. I now feel that my business is ready to push on and grow further, with the quality of our online presence matching the quality of our work in the real world. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!” 

We have a range of affordable packages which have become our speciality, either paid monthly or in a single one-off fee. Just contact us for details of pricing and to see which package is most suitable for you.