At Kew Consulting

We Value People

At Kew Consulting, we value people. Especially the people around us, in our local area of Pembrokeshire. We also care about wider issues, both nationally and globally, which is why we try and support charitable organisations and initiatives whenever and however we can. 

We are aware that the status of Kew Consulting in the community puts us in a powerful position to help local organisations. This page details a few which we have helped in recent times, and who deserve growing support. Please take some time to visit their websites and contribute to them in any way you can.

We are also conscious of our responsibility to the environment and ecology of our local area and further afield. We are currently developing a number of initiatives within our company, including signing up to green energy initiatives within Wales, formulating our own environmental strategy and registering for the cycle to work scheme for our team. 

Happy To Help

To raise funds for the local round table, we sponsored a beer barrel at their 2019 beer festival. This helped to keep their overheads down and maximise their profits so they could fund other charity events. In return, they gave us 2 tickets (including all beer for free) which we gave away to a winner in a competition on our social media. 

This local organisation contacted us for assistance in 2020. They had only recently established themselves and were using social media alone to communicate with people. They wanted to establish a permanent online presence where all the information and contact details were contained, so we set them up a website, email and hosting for no cost. They are doing great things, providing necessities and support to new parents experiencing financial hardship across the county. Please visit their website to learn more and donate if you can.

We have received a number of students from our local college for work experience placements since 2018, and are proud that our local area is producing young coders who will be the future of our industry. Our aim is to give them a taste of the reality of being a software developer, while being fun, encouraging, and teaching them new skills along the way. We currently have 1 apprentice software developer who works for us full time after completing a work experience placement with us, and we hope to support more young people to do this in future.

As we are a small business it isnt always possible for us to help every organisation we are contacted by, due to limitations on our time, staffing and finances. With that said, we still want to grow the presence of Kew Consulting in the community, as we feel it is hugely important. If you would like to see how we can build a relationship to help your organisation, feel free to contact us