What Is Software Development?

“Software development is simple. It’s just writing code to move data.”


– Daniel Echeverria, Kew Consulting

Our director, Daniel, uttered this seemingly insignificant sentence when recently asked, “What is software development, in its most simple form?” After thinking about it for a while and discussing it amongst the team, we realised that there’s a very deep truth to what he said.

For coders, sometimes it’s good to be reminded of the simplest idea at the core of what you do, as our work involves a vast number of tasks and skills. Additionally, the same statement can reduce a complex job like software development to its bare bones, making our work understandable for people who need our services.

The Car Analogy

Any piece of software, regardless of what it does, is constantly moving data around “under the hood”. To continue the car analogy, the finished product is your entire working vehicle. The User Interface (UI) is the chassis, seats and fittings, and the code is the engine which makes it move. Finally, your business goals are the end point of the journey using the software “vehicle” we construct.

As software developers, we’re like the car manufacturers. In our case, we deal with the UI and the code, but there are many instances in large companies where these are separated out, so different internal teams or external contractors can be used for their specialist areas.

Data is the fuel for your software vehicle. We use code to create the engine: the main engine block, pistons, pipework etc. This engine system passes data through itself, to make our software vehicle move in particular ways and do what we want it to do.

The data itself can take many forms, and it’s our job as software developers/engineers to analyse what needs to be output at the end, creating a solution which gets you from the start to the end of the journey. The software will fulfil the functions you require for your business to reach those goals in the most efficient way possible.

Most people who buy a car don’t need to understand why or how the alternator works, or what the cylinder head gasket does, as long as they can drive it from A to B. The same goes for software: the intricacies of coding and data processing aren’t necessary if you want custom software built for your business, it just needs to help you reach your goal.

Where We Fit

It’s our job as developers to learn as much about your business needs as possible, what data will be going through the system and what needs to be done with it. We can discuss how you want to get to your destination and what features will be needed to achieve that, as well as how it looks and feels. It’s all guided by your requirements and is a satisfying creative process for us, and for our clients.

And then there’s the magic of using your new software for the first time. Everyone loves that new car smell, don’t they?

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