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This software contractor case study will detail how we work with third-parties to supplement their teams, in this instance iLogs.

iLogs was founded in the year 2000 in Klagenfurt, Austria. Since then, they have grown and developed a number of specialised software systems for their customer base of over 500 global businesses in 30 countries. Their main services are provided to industries such as finance, healthcare and parking/mobility, as well as solutions for businesses with a mobile workforce. iLogs now has over 100 employees based in Vienna, Klagenfurt, Zug, Paris and New York, and are continuing to grow year-on-year.

When we were founded in 2017, iLogs was our first client. We are pleased to say we have been regularly working with them ever since. Our involvement has been primarily focused around augmenting their existing development team for their industry leading ParkingHQ software suite, creating specific customisations for individual customers.


Software Contractor Case Study Illustration

iLogs have spent years learning about their car park operator clients and what they need from their eCommerce system:

  • First, an intuitive, user-friendly parking Smartphone App and Website, with easy to browse real-time car-park content.
  • Second, a range of innovative eCommerce applications, e.g. PreBooking, SeasonParker or Multi-Purpose-Parkcards, combined with secure online and mobile payment.
  • Third, a set of useful back-office tools integrated into a single administration web portal.

In addition to fulfilling those needs, they have blended in their in-depth iLogs eProcess competencies. ParkingHQ is also the only solution to feature individually customisable, best-practice processes and workflows from the Parking eCommerce industry.

They have often required additional developers to provide specific skills or extra staff for specific projects. Over time we have augmented their teams and provided requirement engineering, proofs of concept and software development/coding. These have always been required on time, on budget and very high quality.


Due to the nature of our working relationship, our solutions are directed by the internal teams at iLogs. We work under project managers and/or product owners depending on the need of the specific package, fulfilling their needs as required.

We are normally approached by the project manager with a set of clearly defined requirements which must be implemented for a specific customer. Initial effort estimates, proofs of concept and project specifications are returned by our team for confirmation from iLogs customers. Once accepted by the iLogs customer, we confirm resources and timelines for the implementation of the project and begin development.

Towards the end of the development process, once our internal testing has been complete, we build a deployment package and hand it over to the iLogs Operations Team. Most of the time iLogs will also involve their own team to run extra testing procedures before handing the final deliverable over to their customer. We are also available to iLogs throughout the process to assist with any queries they may have.


Over the past 4 years we have achieved many successes in our relationship with iLogs, and we expect many more in future. We have not only built a solid, long term business relationship, but many friendships along the way as well. This is a great example of how businesses can build long-lasting working relationships with external developers such as ourselves. Here’s what the iLogs team think of the process:

Kew Consulting have been a reliable and productive supplier to us for approximately 4 years. When we need additional developers, they are always one of the first external teams we approach. After many years of working together they know our systems, standards and processes well, and can easily jump in for as long or short a time as we need. It’s always enjoyable to work with them and I look forward to doing it more in the future.

Carmen Riedler, Head of Project Management

Kew Consulting has been invaluable to us as a company. They have time after a time joined us on projects and seen things through to completion across a broad spectrum of industries and projects. They are excellent communicators, engineers and all round nice people. We are very satisfied clients and highly recommend their services.

Kurt Ogris, Managing Director

If after reading this software contractor case study you are looking for external developers to augment your internal teams, for either the short-term or long-term, contact us now. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss how we can help you.