Recruitment Consultancy

Saragossa are a recruitment consultancy based in Bristol and London. They provide talent to the Financial Technology, Financial Operations and Data Science sectors, matching clients with high-calibre candidates. Work within their business can involve everything from fulfilling temporary roles to building permanent teams or resourcing projects, and they place a range of candidates from graduates to senior executives. 

We were contacted via phone by Jason Howlin, a manager at Saragossa. He wanted to discuss the possibility of using gamification to achieve a number of objectives the company had in mind. This gamification case study will outline what we did for them, and how we did it.

Having used Bullhorn Recruitment Software for several months, Jason and the directors at Saragossa wanted to see if it was possible to use the data gathered within Bullhorn to increase transparency and productivity. This would be achieved by displaying interviews in a modern way, to increase adoption of Bullhorn and its CRM within Saragossa, as well as improving engagement within the team. 


Showing an in action photo of Saragossa being used

The challenge was to create a piece of web-based software, with two points of entry which talked to the Bullhorn API to get live data. Each required several components, as agreed during the consultation stage: 

The application is to be displayed on 75inch screens in two office locations (Bristol and London):

  • Screen which offered gamification of the consultant’s sales data, in a live leader board style
  • Consultant activity screen, which would be several pages rotating through on a timer showing live activity

Logged into by managers, via a desktop computer or laptop:

  • Reporting screen
  • Configuration screen


We created a web based, multi-entrypoint piece of software that visually matched Saragossas brand. It successfully talks to the Bullhorn API to get live data and displays it on screens in their offices. 

The entire process in our gamification case study is detailed below, including our provisional timescales established during the initial consultation. 

  • Create a document in collaboration with Saragossa
  • Scheduled an onsite meeting to accelerate the process
  • Organised Bullhorn API access and sandbox environment
  • Confirmed data mapping for reporting with Saragossa
  • Coding
  • Updates provided to Saragossa throughout the process
  • Software tested in house before demo released to Saragossa
  • Version 1 sent to Saragossa management for acceptance testing
  • Saragossa asked to verify the software works as required
  • Feedback received and revisions made
  • Process repeated until final version signed off
  • Saragossa signed off functionality of final version
  • Test data cleaned up
  • Application installed and set up on Saragossa’s systems
  • Manager added and users added
  • User training provided
  • Software goes live in their offices

Minor alterations and bug fixes would normally follow, but testing had sufficiently located any problems before the release. The app was set up to be accessed via a subdomain of Saragossas online domain name, and logins created for an initial management user. They could then manage the other users accounts, including adding new ones, from there. 


After we provided training on how to use the system, Saragossa put the software to use immediately in their Bristol and London offices, with over 30 users. 

We think the best way to summarise the project is to let Jason sum it up in his own words:  

The brief was to display our interviews in a modern way to increase adoption of Bullhorn and the CRM. The app has definitely done that. It has helped efficiently display our productivity, in a way that displays it to the whole business and helps with transparency in each office. On top of that, it also looks brilliant. As a manager, its a big help from a back-end analytics point of view, helping me to monitor the actions and productivity of my team more effectively. 


We are so happy with the app, and the work done by Kew Consulting, that we are currently looking into investing in a second phase of development, with updates, improvements and new features. It was a pleasure to work with the team, and we wouldnt hesitate to recommend them.

Jason Howlin, Manager, Saragossa 

If, after reading this gamification case study, you would like to know more about how this can help in your business, feel free to contact us.