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Starting A Software Project

Everyone who starts a software project with external developers needs an insight into what their processes are. Youll be looking into what their system can do for you and how it fits into your plans. It can give you an idea of things you missed from your strategy, information you need to gather and what the touchpoints are during development. This is how we go about our software project planning and implementation:

Since our beginning in 2017, we have been constantly refining our onboarding, planning and implementation processes. This has helped us to limit project drift, remain focused and streamline the time-to-market of the first version. 

We know that there is nothing worse than lacking a clearly defined MVP (Minimum Viable Product), as you never have a clear definition of what done is. So we approach all projects with this in mind, by clearly defining goals from beginning to end. A solid framework means a solid final product. 

We break our software project planning and implementation into two stages, shown below. This also allows you to pay for the two parts independently, as needed.

To show the methology the company takes in developing software
  • Kick-off project build.
  • Develop, integrate and test sprints, based on user stories created from acceptance criteria.
  • Release to your team for feedback.
  • Record changes.
  • Adjustment of priorities.
  • Continue iterations by repeating from develop/integrate/test stage, with new sprints.
  • Once acceptance criteria are fulfilled, release to market.

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