Angular Frontend

Our development team specialise in a number of areas. In terms of frontend development, Angular is our main strength (though were experienced in others, too). If you are developing a project and are looking to hire Angular software developers to add to your team on a non-permanent basis, youre in the right place. 

This page focuses on our Angular expertise, but because of our experience in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other programming languages we can easily turn our hand to other frameworks and libraries if you require. 

What Is Angular?

Angular is a platform and frontend framework for building applications which was originally developed at Google. The main strength of using Angular is the ability to develop for web, mobile and native desktop platforms.

Why We Chose To Use Angular?

We chose to use Angular for a number of our projects because it is a widely used and supported framework, being one of the big 3 along with React and Vue. There is also a massive support community across the world, which we enjoy being a part of.  

In our early days we gravitated towards Angular as we liked using TypeScript more than JavaScript, and many of our team were already proficient in using it when they joined us, so it felt like a natural progression. There are also in-built security features which, in our opinion, are trustworthy and of great quality. 

Angular has more features out of the box when compared to React and Vue, and this can often save money by decreasing development time needed. Conversely, if your team doesnt have that experience, augmenting them with experienced Angular developers could be incredibly helpful, as the learning curve can be quite demanding. 

Having used Angular within our team for a number of years, we are experienced and highly proficient at working with the framework, including its strengths and limitations.

When you hire Angular software developers from us, they will bring a wealth of expertise to any project, ensuring that work is completed quickly and to a high level of quality. 

We have completed a number of projects using Angular in conjunction with Googles Material Design system. The Material Design add-on enables us to quickly produce applications which follow well known and respected Material Design concepts.