Gamification applying game mechanics to non-game contexts to improve engagement and outcomes. Gamification software for business is often used to improve employee performance, engage users in an active way, deepen loyalty (especially customers) or aid the learning process.

When you want your team to improve their output, feel more invested in their work or master the concepts they regularly use, gamified software is a fun way to do it. From leader-boards to training modules, it covers a huge variety of different ways to solve engagement problems.

Turn Your Goals Into Games

Every business has measurable goals, and these goals can be taken and structured into a game which tracks and measures outcomes. This can be used in sales, HR, customer support or marketing departments, to name a few. A custom app which turns the workplace into a game not only boosts engagement at work, but also improves productivity.

By assigning rewards such as badges, points, physical rewards and gaining levels, staff or customers remain engaged for longer and also have the satisfaction of seeing their achievements in a tangible form.

Solve Engagement Problems

88 %

of employees who use gamification say they’re happier at work

89 %

of employees who use gamification say they are more productive at work

83 %

of employees who use gamified training at work said they feel motivated in their training

78 %

of those surveyed say that if a company uses recruitment gamification it makes the company more desirable

Bespoke Gamified Apps

We have created a variety of gamified apps for companies in the recruitment, education and health sectors. To see a case study on one, click here.

With gamification software for business, every app we create is completely custom, designed and built to suit your specific needs. If you want to make your staff more engaged and productive, and also add a dose of fun and competition to their day, contact us to see what we can do for you.