Native & Web Apps

Many people would like to develop an app, either from an original idea or to complement a pre-existing part of their business. We are an established native and web app developer in Wales but have also worked with clients across Europe and North America. 

Native vs Web Apps

The main advantage of creating a native app (as opposed to a web app) is the ability to harness the functionality of smartphones such as the camera, GPS, Bluetooth etc. This can provide a fast, efficient and truly immersive experience for users.

A web app is a great way to condense common website content into a new format to improve functionality, and these generally run in a browser. Web apps are often a cheaper alternative to developing a native app and can be a preferable alternative when specific smartphone functionality isnt needed.

There is also a hybrid between web and native apps, known as Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s). These can take advantage of some features of smartphones, though not all. The main disadvantage is that they are supported by Google Chrome but not iOS, which may not suit your business objectives.

The ability to harness the functionality of smartphones

Why Develop A Native App?

  • Improved customer relations and engagement
  • Can be used offline as well as online
  • Faster than web apps
  • Harness the power of what smartphones can do
  • Create a memorable and enjoyable User Experience (UX)

Why Develop A Web App?

  • Cheaper to develop than native apps
  • Built to run across all platforms and browsers
  • Doesn’t need to be released through app stores
  • Easier to maintain and upgrade
  • Another component to increase brand visibility and presence

Smartphone Features We Can Utilise




List Of Contacts

Augmented Reality

Push Notifications

Smooth Screen Transitions

Works Offline

Fingerprint Scanner


Send SMS

And More

App Development

We develop apps using NativeScript, a cross-platform JavaScript framework that lets us develop native iOS and Android apps from a single code base. The framework provides JavaScript access to the native APIs, user interface, and rendering engines of iOS and Android. This means we can create one project that builds into an iOS or Android app with completely native user experience.

Launch & Updating

Once your app is developed, we can launch it on the relevant app stores and host it if you require. Often, we also find that the creation of an app is a process of continual evolution. We can assist you in this process by developing new features and creating updated versions of your app in the future too, whenever you feel the need.

Customised For You

Every app we create, be it a native app or a web app, is completely bespoke. This means that we will need to consult with you to determine the scope of the project, your requirements and the needs of the user.

If you are looking for an app developer in Wales or further afield, and want to learn more about what we can do and how it will apply to your project, contact us now.