GoLang Backend

When it comes to backend development, we use a number of different languages including Java and PHP, but GoLang is the one we pick most often for our own projects. If you are developing (or thinking of developing) a project using GoLang, you can hire GoLang developers from us on-demand, for as long or short a time as you need.  

We can handle most other programming languages too, but this page will focus on our GoLang skills, why we like it and what we can do to help your software projects achieve their goals. If you are using other languages, we can definitely still help you, just contact us to see how.

What is GoLang?

GoLang (or just Go) is an open-source programming language created by Google. It was designed by a team of computer science luminaries, to make life easier for the working programmer by combining the best features of other programming languages. It excels at creating projects with high security, speed and modularity in mind.

GoLang (or just Go) is an open-source programming language created by Google.

Why We Chose To Use GoLang?

GoLang is a popular choice for projects, for a number of reasons. Its easy to use but has extensive features due to a huge number of open-source libraries, and has benchmarking and testing features built in. 

We are big fans of the clarity and ease of use that GoLang has. One of our team said, It performs like C#, is fast like Python and is easier to maintain than Java. This goes some way to explaining why we have embraced it, but also why Google, Netflix, Uber and Dropbox use it too. It is very popular with developers and was voted one of the 5 most loved programming languages in a 2018 Stack Overflow survey. 

Another advantage of using GoLang is familiarity, and familiarity equals speed. As every business knows, speed means better cost efficiency for a project, and this is always an important factor. If your project uses GoLang we can slot in incredibly quickly, but if your developers arent familiar it is an easy language to learn in a short space of time. 

Because of the way it was designed, GoLang makes it easy for new programmers to understand the code, and for experienced developers to read each others code. It also has automatic documentation features using GoDoc, which will be useful if you regularly hire different contractors. 

Wealth Of Knowledge

Our developers have a depth and breadth of knowledge of Golang, having completed many projects using this language. When you hire Golang software developers from us, they will immediately contribute to any project using it, at speed and with the highest quality.