Custom software for education is a rapidly growing field. Many education providers are looking for ways to make lessons more engaging, fun, and flexible, and software solutions can easily supply this. A major benefit is that (when built using cloud-based frameworks) they are scalable, so can be rolled out to multiple schools/classes en-masse without any loss in performance or reliability. 

A custom e-learning solution can take many forms: resource management, student assessment, administration activities, deeper engagement (using gamification) and more. The joy of bespoke apps is that they can do whatever you can imagine, so the possibilities are near infinite.

Within education, security and confidentiality is always a consideration. All software we develop for educational use is built to be compliant with all relevant legislation, protecting your educational establishment and all users inside it.

Many education providers are looking for ways to make lessons more engaging, fun, and flexible.

Harness The Power Of Mobile Devices

Amongst other things, custom software can harness the power and features of mobile devices, integrate with systems which are already in place and personalise the learning experience. We can also work to integrate specific hardware to complement your application, if you need it. 

Benefits Of Bespoke Education Software

  • Improves student engagement
  • Empowers individuals to learn, but at their own pace
  • Deepens knowledge and improves retention
  • Makes collaboration easier
  • Saves admin time for teachers, freeing them to focus on teaching

Software To Bridge The Gap

At Kew Consulting, we have worked with a number of providers to help them achieve their goals with custom software for education. To see an example case study, click here. 

In our modern-day society, and especially with an increasing need for distance learning solutions, many education providers are looking to software to bridge the gap between school organisations, teachers and pupils. We can help you find solutions to make learning easier and more enjoyable for everyone.  

To arrange a free consultation chat, and to see how e-learning can help teachers and students improve their learning outcomes, contact us today.