Data Migration
& Conversion

Does your business have a vast software database which is invaluable, yet it sits behind a piece of legacy software which should be replaced? In this situation and many others, there are times when a business need to move data from old to new software. 

Data conversion and migration arent the most glamorous processes but can be hugely helpful. They can also be one of the best investments any business can make when needing to modernise and develop.

We have several sophisticated techniques to access this data and efficiently process and clean it, ready for input into the new system.

Developers helping each other on a project

Assessment Of Data

Put simply, we begin by assessing the structure of the old data and the required structure for the new software. Sometimes this data will need to be converted, which means it will need to be reformatted/restructured to match the target system. After that the database is cleaned, migrated from one system to another, and then validated to verify everything has transferred correctly. Multiple databases can also be combined if required. 

Keeping Your Data Safe

Your data is incredibly precious, so a lot of time is spent on planning and ensuring that nothing gets lost in the conversion and migration processes.  For many large businesses, with thousands of records which contain numerous fields, this results in millions of database entries. We focus on ensuring that all of these entries carry through into the new system and function correctly. 

Data Conversion

Though it sounds simple in theory, data conversion and migration are very complex projects and can take a long time, depending on the complexity of the databases. Thankfully, these are generally one-off events so the cost is a single outlay for your business and there will be no recurring monthly or annual costs. 

We have undertaken a number of migrations and conversions throughout our history, all for businesses looking to move data from old to new software. As each project is unique, contact us to discuss your needs and discover how we can help your business develop.