SaaS (& Multi Tenancy)

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a way of providing software to users using cloud-based technology. It can be incredibly helpful to users, as they can log in and use the software using an internet connection and any compatible device, regardless of their location. Some familiar examples of this are Gmail and Office 365. 

In the past, software was sold to users as a product. They paid a one-off fee for the physical installation media and could use the product for as long as they wanted. With the advent of cloud technology this has changed, and software is now often provided as a service instead of a physical product. Many now pay a subscription fee to use software (like Office 365 or Adobe Creative Cloud), and in return the creator hosts everything needed for the software to run. The software is also run on their hosted servers, and users simply log in to access and use it. 

SaaS Applications

We have built SaaS applications for clients, using Angular, C# .NET, Go and AWS. Applications can be created for web, mobile or desktop uses, and can work across some or all of them. For information about other skills and specialisms within our tech stack, click here.

Over the past year we have built our own SaaS container to handle user management, multi-tenancy and subscription/payment integration with Stripe and Paypal. This gives us a stable and secure starting point which takes care of the fundamentals and means we can concentrate on the features which are most important to our clients applications.

To find out more about how our SaaS skills can help your business, contact us for a no obligation consultation.