Business Automation

Within your organisation, you may have multiple software solutions to run different parts of your business. The most common stumbling block is human interaction slowing down processes between those systems. Others may have very few software solutions at all, other than standard office suites. However, at some point most business owners begin to ask:

How (and why) should I automate parts of my business? 

Before answering that, we should address what the objective of Business Process Automation is. In our opinion, it should harness technological solutions to take care of repetitive, mundane processes and free people to spend time on more creative or valuable tasks. 

Our Process

  • Our process begins with looking at the individual systems used in the business.
  • We then analyse both the software and the human aspects that join them.
  • Our team assesses what automated and manual processes already exist within the business.
  • Finally, they establish what is required at the end of the project.

Once they analysis is completed and goals are agreed, we create an incremental plan for the project. This will detail how it moves towards the finished software solution and how it interacts with the systems which are already in place. Often, this will require custom integration work to ensure the software components communicate correctly.  

Displaying different coding languages

Bespoke Software Solutions

All of our software solutions are bespoke, which means that they do exactly what you want and need for your business, exactly matching your working practices. They also avoid unnecessary functions which are included with many off-the-shelf software packages.  This results in a more streamlined, efficient piece of software which still has the scope to expand by adding features at a later time. 

Building Relationships

We believe that building relationships with clients, understanding their needs and wants, and creating clear channels of communication, are the most important ingredients to create great software. Having read this, you might be thinking “I’d like to automate parts of my business,” so to learn more about business automation (and how it can help you to increase efficiency and profits), contact us for a consultation. 

We also provide services like developer outsourcing, consultancy and support. If you have an in-house team and need extra people to get a project over the line, we regularly work in these situations. We aim to come in with a minimum of fuss, integrate ourselves into the team and complete our work as fast as possible. Its always nice to meet and work with new people, too.