Amazon Web
Services (AWS)

For the majority of our work, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is because it has an incredibly wide range of services, and the depth of functionality means we can use it for anything we can imagine. It also means that we can always choose the perfect tool for the job at any time. Our team have been using AWS for a number of years, so if you need an AWS cloud developer we can bring a huge amount of skill and experience to augment your team. 

What Is AWS?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the worlds most extensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. It contains over 175 different services which are useful for any organisation, from startups to enterprise or government. Due to the flexibility, power and scalability, it is our first choice.

Using AWS to harness the power of cloud computing

Why We Chose To Use AWS?

Your project, like most others, will probably want to harness the power of cloud computing and its potential for scaling. There are a number of options and we have used many in the past, but AWS is the one we recommend. It innovates very quickly, with new features being added all the time, providing everything from email servicees to AI. Its incredibly secure, being used by military, government and global banking organisations. And its also got solid infrastructure across the world to back it all up. 

Our company, as part of our continual development plan, is currently working towards becoming a verified member of the AWS Partner Network. This means all of our team will eventually be AWS certified in a number of specialist areas, as well as working to deepen their general knowledge of AWS, its features and capabilities. 

We have completed a number of projects using Angular in conjunction with Googles Material Design system. The Material Design add-on enables us to quickly produce applications which follow well known and respected Material Design concepts. 

Whatever stage you are at with your software projects, there are times when specialist knowledge can accelerate your progress or ensure your project achieves its goals. In these situations, hiring an AWS cloud developer from us can be a great decision for your project. They can provide you with support and expertise for as long (or short) as you need them.